Email Magic

Skyrocket your leads

Email marketing provides an effective connection with your targeted audience and gives you the best return on investment. We focus on the core aspects of email marketing with conversion in mind.

SMTP + Email Sender

Our team will set up an email sender and configure the best SMTP server for your use case, together with IP warm-up guide and email templates.  Always available to answer all your questions.

Key into your biz already

Marketers agree that email is a key to business, especially for ROI and developing long-lasting profitable relationships. A personalized, segmented and targeted email marketing campaign is important for brand awareness.

Email extraction, no stress

Scrape emails and niche-relevant details from Instagram. This is useful for laser-targeted marketing. Say good bye to wasting money on proxies and burner accounts. No won't need any of these. Simply scrape emails by username or hashtags. And that's it

AI Copywriting by Aquila

Aquila AI helps you create conversion-driven sale copy in just a few seconds! With over 70+ use cases, Aquila can now write Emails, Blog posts, Newsletters, and SMS messages with sale conversion in mind. Explore 50+ CONVO tones ranging from professional to conversational, sweetened with human touch and multi-language support.

Clean your dirty email list

It is time to ditch the dirty emails from your list. See, such emails would never convert. There is no magic formula that can make them convert. At a fraction of cost, our team will help you clean your email list as this is a crucial process in lead qualification. Email Service Providers (ESPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will love you for it.

Growth-hack your sale conversion with result-driven mass emails


$ 399 Per Month
  • Send 1 million Emails per month
  • Relay speed is 30k emails per day
  • Mailwizz x 9+ IPs | SMTP server
  • IP Rotation x 9 IPs (automated)
  • Import Unlimited Email List
  • IP Warm-up Schedule Guide (free)
  • 100+ Cold Email Templates (free)
  • Exceptional Inboxing
  • Delivery (3-5 Business Days)
  • Skype & Telegram Chat


$ 1499 Per Month
  • Send 5 million Emails per month
  • Relay speed is 166k emails per day
  • Mailwizz x 15+ IPs | SMTP server
  • IP Rotation x 15+ IPs (automated)
  • Import Unlimited Email List
  • IP Warm-up Schedule Guide (free)
  • 100+ Cold Email Templates (free)
  • Exceptional Inboxing
  • Delivery (3-5 Business Days)
  • Skype & Telegram Chat


$ 5279 Per Month
  • Send 30 million Emails per month
  • Relay speed is 1m emails per day
  • Mailwizz x 35+ IPs | SMTP server
  • IP Rotation x 35+ IPs (automated)
  • Import Unlimited Email List
  • IP Warm-up Schedule Guide (free)
  • 100+ Cold Email Templates (free)
  • Exceptional Inboxing
  • Delivery (3-5 Business Days)
  • Skype & Telegram Chat

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I Need to Buy an SMTP server like Amazon SES and Gmass?

A. No. You do not have to buy an SMTP server like Amazon or Gmass. We will set up a custom, reliable SMTP server with at least five rotating dedicated IPs for you. Our solution is much more robust and properly planned to suit all use cases including marketing emails, cold emailing, outreach emails and outbound marketing in general.

Q. On which OS will you set up my SMTP server and Email Application?

A. SMTP server & Email App will be hosted on a CentOS 7 Linux VPS. You should purchase an unmanaged Linux VPS [with 75+ GB Disk space] from HostWinds. Please select CentOS 7 operating system option in this screenshotThe quantity of IPs you will select depends on our IP requirements in your desired package (Basic, Power, Ultimate).

Q. How Many Dedicated IPs Come with the VPS and Do I need More?

A. VPS usually comes with one default IP. So you need more IPs for IP rotation in the backend. This is why we require that you purchase some extra IPs from your VPS provider.

Q. Are there an Ongoing Cost for Maintaining my VPS Monthly?

A. Yes. You have to renew your VPS monthly and pay the monthly fee in your email sending volume plan. This fee is used to offset the cost of our server maintenance, technical support to you and free IP replacement in case an IP gets blacklisted. And don't forget to renew your sending domain name yearly. That's it.

Q. Do I need a Separate Domain Name for Sending Bulk Emails?

A. Yes. You have to provide us with a separate domain name for this purpose, to guard your main domain against any possible IP restrictions.

Q. How Many Emails Can I Send Monthly? At what sending speed?

A. The Basic plan allows you to send up to 1 million emails per month, Power plan allows you to send 5 million emails per month, and the Ultimate plan allows you to send 30 million emails per month.

Q. Do You Provide IP Warm-up Guide?

A. Yes, we will provide an IP warm-up guide ($19 value) for free. Initially, you have to follow the IP-warmup process (start with the low sending volume and gradually increase toward higher volume) to gain a positive reputation for your IPs and for better email delivery.

Q. Can You Clean My Email List?

A. Yes. We provide advanced email list cleaning services at affordable prices ($99 per 100k email verification). You can clean up to 2 million emails at once. For more information about our email verification service, see Email Verification.

Q. Will You Give Me a Dashboard to Import and Send Emails?

A. Yes, we will provide a dashboard that allows you to import and send emails. You will get the login details to the dashboard which also has the functionality to track your email marketing metrics such as delivery rates, open rates, etc.

Q. Is the 100+ Cold Email Templates free if I Order the Email Sender?

A. Yes, you will get the 100+ Cold Email Templates ($39 value) for free if you order the Email Sender Setup. The templates contain 100+ written examples of cold emails that you can modify and send, depending on your use case. It is a 104-page eBook.

Q. Will My Emails Go to Spam Folder?

A. While we have had many clients with high inboxing rates, please be advised that we do not guarantee 100% inboxing as this depends on many other factors. For example, if you include spammy words in your emails or do not warm up your server IP, your emails might end up in spam.

Q. Are email addresses guaranteed in Scraping?

A. Yes, it is guaranteed that each scraped Instagram contact (by hashtag or username) will have an email address. This means that you pay for results only and no useless contact details will be included. For details about email scraping service, see IG scraping.

Q. Can I track inbox rates, open rates, clicks rate, etc.?

A. Yes. the web app allows you to track inbox rates, open rates, click rates, etc. It also has a feature that lets you export into an Excel the list of people who opened your mail or clicked a link so that you can re-import the list into another group for follow-up sequence or segment your list based on conversion metrics.

Q. Can I reply back to emails?

A. Yes. In fact, we will setup a mail box like normal webmail where you can send messages manually as well like Gmail for example. You will get all replies into this web mail inbox which is configured for your domain. And you can reply to those mails as well. This additional service is completely free.

Q. Can I use Aquila to write emails and blog posts?

A. Yes, absolutely! In fact we recommend using Aquila for generating human-like sale copy, blog posts, and any type of emails including Welcome, Newsletter, Outreach and Email series, etc. Aquila is a brilliant AI copywriter built on robustly fine-tuned GPT-3 davinci-003 model of OpenAI.

Q. How can I start using Aquila AI?

A. To start using Aquila for your copywriting, go to and register. More than just email copywriting, you can even generate a long-form blog post and 70+ other content types, in multiple languages and various emotional tones.

Q. Is my email database secure with email verification?

A. Yes, your email database is absolutely secure, and we have no use for it apart from cleaning it. No abuse. In fact we do encourage you to delete an email list from your dashboard after we have delivered the clean or valid version of such a list as this will free up our server space.

Q. What are some examples domain I can use for Email Sender?

A. Example: if your main domain name is, you can provide us with or which must not host any website. You can hyperlink to your main domain URLs or product pages etc. from within your email sale copy or newsletter to save traffic.

Q. Can I see a demo of this product?

A. YES! Demo is available for this product. Please understand that this is an interface demo, not for the actual sending. You will be able to see how your Sender dashboard or web app will look like. To login and access the demo, please click this link for demo access and use the Email: [email protected] AND Password: democustomer

Q. Can you help me send the emails?

A. Yes, you will be charged your desired plan monthly fee + $259 flat fee. For example, you want us to help you send 1 million emails per month in the Basic plan, we will charge $399 basic plan fee + $259 email management fee. The email sending will be scheduled to drip-feed for 30 days, using an existing email sender/SMTP  with warmed up IPs. You will have to provide us with the email content. Note: after purchasing your desired plan, you must Subscribe to this email management.