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 Get rid of email addresses that do not convert into sales with VeriPurge by ConversionSpree. 

Purge away: Hard and Soft Bounce E-mails, Duplicate E-mails, Syntax Error E-mails, Dead server E-mails, Fake domain E-mails, Gibberish E-mails, Disposable E-mails, Honey pot / Spam-Traps, Catch-all E-mails, Unknown E-mails.

Let ESPs/ISPs embrace your list. Stop bouncing away your sales

ONLY $0.0009 per 1 email verification




Q. How do you ensure that my email list gets cleaned accurately?

A. Our email verification process explores different parameters including email syntax structures, the existence of DNS and MX records. Then it sends a test to all the email addresses in your list and determines whether they are functional.

Q: What is the price to clean my email list?

A: $0.0009 per email. The minimum number of emails you can verify per order is 10,000 emails.

Q: Does this service work for all domains?

A: Yes, this service can clean the email list of any domain name and extension.

Q: What is the maximum number of email addresses I can verify in one order?

A: The maximum number of email addresses we can process per order is 2 million emails.

Q: Why is the price super low if you really deliver the best quality as Neverbounce and Zerobounce?

A: We don't want unbearable high prices to stop you from profitable email marketing.

Q: What if I upload an email list that is larger than what I paid for?

A: In that case, we will clean a portion of the email list, and separate your uncleaned list from the clean list.

Q: If I place an order now, when will you deliver?

A: Delivery is usually 24 to 48 hours.